2023 FosterMorey Awards

The FosterMore coalition has been working to create greater understanding, empathy and action to improve the future of youth in foster care nationwide. We’re delighted to announce that nominations for the Third Annual FosterMoreys Awards are now open!

The FosterMorey Awards recognize outstanding efforts to showcase the promise and potential of youth in foster care and foster families. This year, we will recognize winners, nominated by the foster care community, across the following categories:

Content Creator of the Year
A writer, producer, show-runner, or actor whose work has helped to shine a positive light on youth in foster care.
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Journalist or Author of the Year
A member of the media or writer whose work has helped tell the valuable stories of youth and families impacted by the child welfare system.
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Organization of the Year
An organization (nonprofit, foundation, or child welfare agency) whose exceptional work has elevated the field.
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FosterMore Scholar of the Year
A foster youth and scholar who has made an impact on the foster care community through their resilience and hard work.
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Business of the Year
A corporation that has made an impact in the lives of youth in foster care.
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It is crucial to us that the FosterMoreys reflect the active pillars of the foster care community. Please take a few moments to reflect on any of your connections and relationships whom you may want to highlight.

Browse the winners of the 2022 FosterMorey awards:

Journalist of the Year: Christine Devine
For nearly 30 years, Christine has profiled young people in foster care and helped more than 500 children in foster care find adoptive families.⁠

Scholar of the Year: Joshua Elizondo
Joshua is doing incredible work to change the narrative around foster care, influencing legislation, policy, and systems change across the board at all levels of government.

Content Creator of the Year: Mira Zimet
Mira is a filmmaker, virtual storyteller, mentor, foster parent, and founder of The Storyboard Project, a project first inspired by a youth in foster care she was mentoring.

Organization of the Year: Kids in the Spotlight
Founded in 2009 in Los Angeles, Kids in the Spotlight has provided youth in foster care a haven to heal and grow from their experienced trauma by providing a platform for foster youth to write, produce, cast, direct, and act in their own short films.

Impact Award: Winnie Wechsler
Winnie was one of the first to innovate with technology and the child welfare system and has had a lasting impact on the way many foster care organizations operate.