Become a Foster Care Friendly Workplace

Consider becoming a Foster Care Friendly Workplace to ensure that your work environment is supportive and encouraging to foster parents while helping to address the foster care crisis.

With 420,000+ children in the U.S. child welfare system, there is a large need for foster parents.

A major deterrent for prospective foster parents is the inflexibility of their workplace to accommodate the needs of foster families.

FosterMore’s “Foster Care Friendly Workplace” Initiative provides companies with sensible policies to support employees who seek to open their homes and hearts to foster youth in need. The pledge will also complement Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) commitments.

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Foster Friendly Workplace Benefits

A competitive edge in attracting and retaining new employees
Low cost and simple implementation
Promotes loyalty, retention, goodwill and productivity
Earn a badge to feature on your organization's website and social media channels

Foster Friendly Workplace Criteria

  • Offer three weeks of full-time paid leave, or 2/3 of employees pay for up to 5 calendar weeks.
  • Provide immediate access to onsite childcare (if applicable).

You're In Good Company

Foster Care Friendly Workplaces Can Adapt Policies and Practices to Support Foster Youth:

  • On property training sessions for employees who are interested in becoming certified foster parents.
  • Sponsored "lunch and learn" events for employees to learn about family planning through foster care.
  • Track for recruiting transition aged foster youth as part of employee recruitment program.
  • Track for recruiting transition aged foster youth for apprenticeship programs in the various trades the corporation employs (well-paid jobs) for those who are not interested in a college track (where applicable).
  • Internship opportunities for transition aged foster youth, including employee mentoring opportunities for foster youth.
  • Career development speaker series to share skills (including soft skills) that businesses seek in potential employees.

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