FosterMore is an unparalleled coalition of media and entertainment companies, foundations, non-profits, businesses and philanthropic organizations working to create greater understanding, empathy, and action to improve the future of youth in foster care.

The approach falls into three categories:

1. Entertainment & Media Engagement – FosterMore works to unleash the assets of the entertainment and creative communities to change the narrative for foster youth and families.

  • Over $65M in donated media for our PSAs including our award-winning Donate Your Small Talk campaign.
  • Partnered with the Television Academy Foundation to host more than 100 creatives to discuss issues surrounding foster care in America and strategies for the fair and accurate portrayal of foster youth and families in media for audiences of all ages.
  • Worked with numerous film and television shows including Grey’s Anatomy, Endlings, Doc McStuffins and Black-ish, to assist with storylines, as well as provide educational materials and toolkits about foster care. In addition, FosterMore served as the digital activation partner or HBO’s FOSTER.
  • The award-winning Story of My Life digital foster parent recruitment campaign, featuring the One Direction hit song and Emmy winning actor Ty Burrell, has registered interest from more than 3,000 families in becoming foster parents.

2. One-Stop Web Presence and Foster Care Hub – FosterMore brings together businesses and non-profit child and family service organizations in collaboration. Our website and social media platforms serve as a conduit for anyone looking to get involved with foster care. The website offers a clear “ladder of engagement,” which allows site visitors to take action as they see fit.

  • More than 2,000 organic foster parent leads were generated on our platform in 2019 alone.
  • Over 30,000 workers are employed by companies offering the Foster Care Friendly Workplace Certification, which allows and encourages employees to become foster and adoptive parents.
  • More than 300 mentoring leads were generated and referred to CASA.

3. National Education Scholarship for youth in foster care – FosterMore believes in the promise of all children and funds raised benefit our nonprofit partners with scholarships for youth in foster care. The scholarship fund is a way for many companies and individuals to be involved in realizing the amazing potential of youth in foster care.

  • Awarded thousands in grants to national and local scholarships supporting youth in foster care pursue their dreams.
  • Through a partnership with Give Back, more than $5M in scholarships will be awarded to foster youth over five years.



Funds raised online will benefit United Friends of the Children, Give Back, and Foster Care 2 Success.

All donations are tax-deductible through FosterMore’s 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor, the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF). EIF is a Charity Navigator 4 Star Charity that meets all 20 BBB Charity Standards and carries the Candid Platinum Seal of Transparency.



FosterMore Team

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FosterMore is a fund of the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF), a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. EIF is a Charity Navigator 4 Star Charity that meets all 20 BBB Charity Standards and carries the Candid Platinum Seal of Transparency.

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FosterMore is a partnership with Children’s Action Network


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