2024 FosterMorey Awards

The FosterMore coalition has been working to create greater understanding, empathy, and action to improve the future of youth in foster care nationwide. We’re delighted to announce that the Fourth Annual FosterMoreys Awards nominations are now open!

The FosterMorey Awards recognize outstanding efforts to showcase the promise and potential of youth in foster care and foster families. This year, we will recognize winners nominated by the foster care community across the following categories:

Content Creator of the Year
A writer, producer, show-runner, or actor whose work has helped to shine a positive light on youth in foster care.
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Journalist or Author of the Year
A member of the media or writer whose work has helped tell the valuable stories of youth and families impacted by the child welfare system.
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Organization of the Year
An organization (nonprofit, foundation, or child welfare agency) whose exceptional work has elevated the field.
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FosterMore Scholar of the Year
A foster youth and scholar who has made an impact on the foster care community through their resilience and hard work.
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Business of the Year
A corporation that has made an impact on the lives of youth in foster care.
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It is crucial to us that the FosterMoreys reflect the active pillars of the foster care community. Please take a few moments to reflect on any of your connections and relationships that you may want to highlight.

Browse the winners of the 2023 FosterMorey Awards:

Scholar of the Year: Ash Fayal

The 2023 Scholar of the Year, Ash Fayal, is a social work and accounting major at Great Basin College in Elko, Nevada. Ash is active with the nonprofit Northern Nevada Moses Project, where he works to ensure foster youth and other vulnerable families have their essential needs met, like food and clothing.

Content Creator of the Year: Mikey Doucet

Through YouTube and social media, Mikey provides a window into his life. He often is very vulnerable and shares lessons he’s learned about hope, forgiveness, and fear. His message of optimism and the strength that comes from within uplifts viewers and provides valuable life lessons.

Business of the Year: La Land Cafe

Founded in 2019 in a 100-year-old house in Dallas, Texas, La La Land Cafe employs youth aging out of foster care. They offer some employees housing, therapy, job training, placement, mentorship, and a sense of belonging in a community that normalizes kindness.

Organization of the Year: First Place for Youth

The 2023 Organization of the Year is First Place for Youth, which has worked with tens of thousands of foster youth over the past 25 years, providing results-driven services and shaping public policy to improve outcomes. Their comprehensive support, including subsidized housing and trauma-informed case management, has led to 91% of their youth achieving stable housing upon program completion.

Organization of the Year: AdvoKids

Our second Organization of the Year winner, Advokids, is like the firefighters of Child Welfare. Advokids is a team of lawyers and psychologists who offer free legal guidance on dependency law to anyone who calls their hotline! Advokids equips child advocates with the tools they need to protect foster youth, enabling them to effectively support children’s well-being, safety, and development.

Impact Award: Rich Valenza

After seeing the lack of participation and representation amongst LGBTQ+ families while attempting to become a foster parent, Rich Valenza has gone on to spark something huge—@RaiseAChild, which has since helped hundreds of families! Rich turned the whole recruitment game on its head. He asked the questions many were asking themselves and ensured every family had an advocate to guide them every step of the way. On behalf of the entire FosterMore team and the people who know Rich best, it’s an honor to show everyone just how big Rich Valenza’s heart is. The FosterMorey Impact Award belongs to this wonderful human transforming lives through foster care.