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5 Times ‘This Is Us’ Nailed the Adoption Experience

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These moments are all so real.

‘This is Us’ just keeps on getting it right. Here are five times the show totally nailed the adoption experience.

1. My son’s father. 

During Randall and William’s trip to Memphis, the pair takes a detour so William can pay his respects to Jack. Randall explains that Kate has Jack’s ashes, but some had been spread at his favorite spot in the park. Upon their arrival, William asks for a private moment. He says to Jack, “Thank you for doing what I couldn’t, for raising him to be the man he is.” William conveys his regret toward being unable to meet the man who others spoke so highly of. He adds, “I would love to have met my son’s father.”

2. My child became my life. 

After Randall decides to honor his birth father’s legacy through adoption, Beth struggles with the idea and what it could mean for their family. Not understanding her resistance, Randall visits the only person he thinks can provide some insight, Rebecca. Randall asked her how she and Jack decided to adopt him. He pierces her charming answer and gets to the reality that Jack pushed for the adoption while she was weary. Rebecca admits, “That stranger became my child, and my child became my life, he became you.”

3. I don’t want to be different. 

The big three get report cards that show less-than-stellar grades. Randall’s has an attached request for a parent/teacher conference at the school. When Jack and Rebecca attend they learn that Randall is gifted. He receives a referral for a private school. One day at work Jack delves into why Randall is making average grades despite his knowledge. Randall brings up Kate and Kevin. He reveals, “I don’t want to be different from them!” Wanting to fit in with siblings is an desire many adoptees empathize with.

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