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More than 175 honor roll students who graduated high school in Los Angeles County last year were foster youth.  With the loving support and friendship of caregivers, each and every one of them persevered over challenges.

Edgar Quintero (featured here) earned a 3.95 GPA and a seat in UC Davis’ class of 2021.  Edgar is an example of what can happen when hard work and dedication are met with love and support.

Foster parents are invaluable community members, who open their homes and their hearts to a child facing a difficult time.  Foster parents serve as the anchor in a team of social workers, therapists and other specialists committed to helping children thrive.

Children join foster families after being separated from their birth parents, typically through no fault of their own.  These community members provide the necessities that children need; compassion, nurture, and kindness. The Department of Children and Family Services provides a modest stipend to supplement living expenses and ensures that foster youth have access to therapists and any other specialists they may need.

Sometimes foster youth are adopted by their foster families and other times, they may return to their birth families if the situation is improved. Regardless of the outcome, one thing is certain, foster youth and foster families’ lives are forever changed because of the kind acts of caring neighbors.

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