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Empowering Families with Unconditional Support

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Alicia came to Seneca after facing far more trauma and challenges than any 6-year-old should ever experience. Shortly after, she was placed in the home of Ray and Daniela, two of Seneca’s experienced foster parents who had received intensive training in permanency and trauma-informed practices. Thinking about that time, Ray remembers, “because of our experience, the extensive training, and the support we received through all of the challenges in the past, we knew that nothing was going to phase us.”

Ray, Daniela, and Alicia’s Seneca team provided her with unconditional support and as a result, she blossomed. That summer, she was able to catch up academically (nearly two grade levels) and also engaged in various activities including martial arts, tennis, and swimming. Ray and Daniela were able to provide the love, nurturing, and connection that Alicia needed, and they quickly decided to pursue adoption due to the special bond they had created.

More recently, Alicia has begun to voice other desires to Ray and Daniela, sharing her longing for a younger sister. “It is a little ways away, but we are hoping to make that happen through adoption and through Seneca again at some point within the next year or so,” shared Ray.

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