Submit a Nomination for the 2021 Inaugural FosterMorey Awards!

From its inception, FosterMore has been focused on shaping the public narrative around foster care to showcase the potential and promise of foster youth nationwide. Hollywood has embraced this vision, and numerous film and television projects have adopted or included storylines to help influence the perception of youth in foster care. 

The FosterMorey Awards is our new initiative to recognize accomplishments in advancing positive portrayals of foster youth and families. The 2021 inaugural FosterMorey Awards, which will be held this fall, will recognize winners across five award categories: 

    • Content Creator of the Year  — a writer, producer, show-runner, or actor whose work has helped to cast a positive light on the youth in foster care
    • Journalist of the Year — a member of the media whose work has helped tell the valuable stories of youth and families touched by the Child Welfare System
    • Organization of the Year — an organization (nonprofit, foundation, or child welfare agency) whose exceptional work has elevated the field
    • Media Outlet of the Year — a media outlet that has generously contributed donated airtime to FosterMore’s Donate Your Small Talk campaign 
    • FosterMore Scholar of the Year— a foster youth and scholar who has made an impact on the foster care community through their resilience and hard work

    While the Media Outlet of the Year Award will be chosen by FosterMore, we invite you to submit a nomination for any of the following four categories between July 15 – August 15:

    Content Creator of the Year

    Journalist of the Year

    Organization of the Year

    FosterMore Scholar of the Year