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Kids Belong in Families

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To “foster” means to help someone or something to grow or develop. Foster parents are people, other than a child’s parents, who give that child or youth a safe place to grow and develop during their time of need, for as long as needed. To be a foster parent is to make a difference for the most vulnerable of our community. Foster parents provide stability and tender care for children and youth while supporting the County’s goal to reunify children with their family, whenever possible.

While the average length of stay for a Foster Child is about nine months, some families’ problems can be stabilized in a much shorter time, allowing that child or youth to be safely returned to his or her home in as little as a few weeks. When a family situation is more severe, a child will require a longer stay.

Kids belong in families and it’s our goal to have more families waiting for kids than kids waiting for a family to take them in. Why get involved? These kids are worth it . . . and our community is worth it. You can make a difference! Visit to learn more.