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“I choose to let my resiliency of growing up in foster care be what shines brightly”

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“Growing up in foster care I always wondered as a youth what would become of my future. Would I be successful or just another statistic? Today, I am proud to say that I am a statistic. I am part of the 3% of foster youth who earned a college degree after leaving foster care! Being a statistic has it perks! My background has included many opportunities to use my story as a tool for change. I have also participated in numerous panels addressing pregnant and parenting foster youth, safety & risk, education and permanent connections. I’ve also served as a foster youth intern with the Congressional Coalition Adoption Institute in Washington, DC. I’m also proud to say I am a recent graduate from Cal State LA, earning my Bachelors of Arts in Sociology. I recently experienced my first trip abroad and traveled to Costa Rica with my daughter. My goal and work focuses on empowering youth to self-advocate, and realize their true potential.”


– Miranda Sheffield currently works for the Children’s Law Center primarily as a AB12 Peer Coordinator. She is an recent college graduate from Cal State LA who has experienced growing up in foster care.  As of Jan 2014,  her new role is CLC’S Family Planning Health Worker. Her new role includes talking to youth about reproductive health, healthy relationships, birth control methods and her own experience as teen mother emancipating out of foster care. Prior to working for CLC , Miranda assisted DCFS with leading youth empowerment groups.