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Open Hearts and Open Homes Needed in Sacramento County

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Throughout Sacramento County, seven out of every 1,000 children are currently in foster care. According to the Annie E. Casey Foundation, thirty-three percent of adolescents in the child welfare system in the county are not in a family-like setting, and eighteen percent of all foster youth in Sacramento County don’t have stability in their placement.
There is something you can do to help these youth in need: Become a Resource Parent.
Through no fault of their own, hundreds of youth in Sacramento County will find themselves in temporary care and separated from their biological families. The trauma children and adolescents experience from these situations can last a lifetime.
By becoming a Resource Parent, you can provide a helping hand in your community by giving youth in foster care a stable, loving home. Whether a placement lasts three months, three years or a lifetime, you can help a foster youth succeed in life.
To learn more about becoming a Resource Parent go to