Launch a Digital Foster Care Recruitment Campaign with FosterMore!

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Recruit foster parents for your organization through our proprietary, targeted digital media campaigns at a fraction of the cost of traditional media campaigns, with approvals coming in months versus years.

FosterMore was the first to innovate this process for digital recruitment and has since partnered with dozens of organizations to drive over 5,000 applications at less than $50 per application.

Our award-winning, emotionally connecting “Story of My Life” videos have been viewed over 2M times and paired with our rich ‘big data’ sets of past families and lookalikes for unparalleled targeting.

What is the opportunity?

The need for foster parents across the U.S. has grown significantly over the past few years. Research indicates the decision to foster takes two years, from idea to enrollment in certification classes.

FosterMore develops highly effective online advertising campaigns to recruit new individuals and families to become foster parents. These campaigns reduce the time and cost it typically takes to acquire new foster parents and capture a new audience beyond the reach of traditional, organic marketing.

What organizations are eligible?

Any organization within the foster care community looking to recruit prospective foster parents is eligible to launch a campaign.

How do recruitment campaigns work?

FosterMore’s ads appeal to what we have coined “idealists,” or individuals who are compelled to be of service. Our research has indicated that this population segment is the largest untapped resource in foster parent recruitment.

Using geographic targeting and cutting-edge data science, FosterMore targets specific populations from any area and connects them with organizations within their communities.

Individuals can be targeted based on the profiles of previously successful foster parents in the geographic region and on demographics such as age, race, gender, income, sexual orientation, and more.

When viewers clicks on an ad, they are directed to a co-branded landing page. The viewer registers through the landing page by filling out a short questionnaire. Their contact information is collected and shared with the local partner to follow up with the lead towards driving approved applications.

Learn more and Launch a Campaign Today

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