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Here are ways you can help

We all need someone who inspires us to dream, encourages us to work harder and dusts us off. Give a few hours a month.
Become a Mentor
Open your home and your heart to a child or teen, become a foster parent.
Become a Foster Parent
It takes more than goals, dreams and hard work to get through college. Invest in their future.
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Brighten the lives of youth in foster care & at-risk youth one simple wish at a time.
Grant A Wish
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Ensure your work environment supports foster parents by becoming a certified "Foster Care Friendly Workplace" organization.
Invite a local foster care organization to hold an informational session with your employees over lunch.
Partner with a local organization to provide internships to well-qualified current and former foster youth.
Arrange a team building activity or service project benefiting youth in foster care.
Give youth needed items and a sense that someone cares by purchasing a "Sweet Case."

Become a Mentor

Become a Foster Parent

As a foster parent, you can change the lives of youths in foster care by giving them a place to call home during a challenging time and by being that someone looking out for them. If you have room in your heart and in your home for a child or teen, please consider becoming a foster parent.

Contribute to Success

All foster youth have promise and potential; a college degree shouldn’t be out of their reach. Tuition, fees, books, housing, transportation – your donation will make a difference for a student from care, who shouldn’t have to go it alone
Since 1981, Foster Care to Success has been helping foster youth reach their goals in partnership with people like you.  Give today and change a life.

Grant A Wish

For many youth in foster care, the holidays can be an empty time…with no permanent family or holiday wish granted.  You can make a difference for these youth with the simple act of purchasing an item from their holiday wish list.  Seemingly simple, the act says I care and reaches across boundaries to touch lives.
SantaCAN helps ensure that the holidays are a wonderful time for these youth by making sure they each receive their most wished for gift from a wishlist they compile.
Visit santacan.org and grant a wish.

Become A Foster Care Friendly Workplace

A major deterrent for prospective foster parents is the inflexibility of their workplace to accommodate the needs of foster families. Apply to become a certified “Foster Care Friendly Workplace” to ensure your work environment is supportive and encouraging to foster parents.

Click here to download the application.

Host a "lunch and learn" for your employees

Host a “lunch and learn” session for your employees to learn about becoming a foster parent or mentor. Sign up to learn more.

Provide Internships to Foster Youth

Provide internship opportunities to well-qualified current and former foster youth by partnering with a FosterMore and an organization in your community. Sign up to learn more.

Organize A Team Building Event


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