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Five books dads can read — and enjoy — with their kids

Dads and moms alike know that reading to children, even small babies, is a sweet and calming activity before bedtime or as a break in a busy day, not to mention good for their brain development. But, let’s face it, some kids’ books can be less than exciting for dads.

Here’s a list of winners that can capture the attention of dads and kids of different ages:

Not A Box by Antoinette Portis: Are you the dad of a toddler? Then Not a Box is perfect for you. It’s a fun read that shows what can happen when a child’s imagination is combined with an ordinary box. When you’re done reading this little gem, grab a box and let the real fun of make-believe begin.

The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds: Creative types will love this simple yet powerful tale of a child who thinks she isn’t an artist but with a little push creates a masterpiece. Dads reading The Dot can segue into art time or encouraging talks about each child’s innate potential. After you’re finished reading the story, you can watch an animation of it on YouTube.

Something Big by Sylvie Neeman: Something Big is a story about childhood, parenting, and experiences that repeat generation after generation. This book is an excellent way for big, tough dads and frustrated little ones to connect through brilliant illustrations and sweet words that speak to the “tension between a child’s smallness and his ability to dream big dreams.”

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