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Urgent need for loving families in LA County

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There are more children in Los Angeles County’s foster care system than there are seats at the Staples Center.  All 28,000 children are full of dreams and potential yet to be realized.

Los Angeles County is looking for caring individuals and families to share their kindness and homes with children who have been separated from their birth families through no fault of their own. Foster parents are invaluable community members who step up to care for children during challenging times. They serve as the anchor in a team of specialists, helping children thrive.

Los Angeles County is not unique in its need for foster families. Across California, counties are in search of individuals and families willing to serve their community by sheltering and caring for young people.  California has shifted its policy away from placing youth in group homes to private family homes. This change in direction has created an urgent need for families to step up and serve their community.

If you are interested in serving the community by becoming a foster parent, visit