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You Can Make A Difference For Youth in Need

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Looking for a way to serve your community? Do you have a love of children? Adolescents? Teenagers? Are you wanting to make a difference?

Foster parents are a valued part of the community and there is a huge need in Sacramento County for additional individuals and families to come forward and help. Foster parents are an important part of a team of social workers and other providers committed to helping children and youth heal and flourish.

Children and youth are placed into foster families when they are unable to remain in the care of their biological families. Sometimes children and youth are adopted by foster families, however, the goal is most often to reunify with their biological family after a period of services and changes in their situation are made.

The role of a foster parent is not an easy one, however, such an important one for the life of the youth and their family.

Learn more about how you can help by clicking here.